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It takes tremendous community support to achieve our goals, and volunteers are at the very heart of our mission. Whether you want to become an Advocate, help us at the next event, or if you would simply like to make a monetary contribution to support our staff, get in touch today and see how you can start working to secure permanent, loving homes for the dozens of children in foster care in the 16th Judicial District Court system.There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort.

Make A Donation

To donate online please click the "Donate" button below to be directed to our PayPal. Your secure online donation will strengthen our network and help provide strong advocacy for every child who needs it.

If you would like to support CASA of the 16th JDC, Inc. with financial donations, you can mail them to us, in the form of a check, to our office here:

CASA of the 16th JDC, Inc.

P.O. Box 10721

New Iberia, LA 70562

Corporate Support 

There are many ways for companies to help support CASA of the 16th JDC, Inc.  Make a company donation or see below for additional opportunities.

Corporate Opportunities

Americans' expectations of companies' philanthropic and social roles are at an all-time high.  People have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.  Few causes have broader or more compelling appeal than coming to the aid of abused and neglected children.

Supporting or partnering with CASA of the 16th JDC, Inc. is a highly effective, practical way to bring brighter futures to the children in our area while meeting your corporate goals.


A sponsorship to the CASA of the 16th JDC, Inc. provides an opportunity to bring positive change to the lives of vulnerable children while providing your company with numerous benefits.  These include reaching new target audiences and making a social impact in the community where you do business

Information was received from the National CASA website.

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